wartenberg wheel

I little over a month ago my husband decided to order something online for our "play". He did not tell me what he ordered, only that when it arrived, I would find out that night. He had ordered a wartenberg wheel, a devise with little spikes protruding around a wheel attatched to a handle, so that when it it pushed the wheel moves. The little spikes press against the flesh causing different reactions from different areas of the body. He was quite pleased with himself over this new "toy".
I am curious how many others have experience with it and what their thoughts on it are.
Let me know.

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It looks to be great fun

It looks to be great fun with a violet wand.

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spiked wheel

Wendylady 12

it sounds like it could be fun at times. but be careful not to over use or you could desensitize your skin. aloha

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A Wartenburg wheel is

A Wartenburg wheel is excellent with electricity, and being made of stainless steel, it is also fun to use chilled in the freezer. It is one tool that needs no pressure when applied. M.L.