No April Munch

Due to recent unpleasantness, we will not be hosting a munch in April. We hope to see things get back to some semblance of sanity soon, but for now it is best if we hold off on this. Sorry for any inconvenience.

Change in Alcohol Policy

In the past we have had a policy that anyone drinking at play events should simply not play. Everyone did a great job of self policing and it worked well for a smaller group. Now that we have more people, it has gotten more complicated. We have decided that it is better to adopt a policy that does not allow any alcohol consumption at or before play events. For social events, it is still up to the host whether to allow it, so in most cases alcohol will still be welcome at BBQ's, dinners, movie nights, and other social stuff.

Wednesday Poly Gatherings

The twice monthly Wednesday evening gatherings being held by Jim & Elon are suspended for now, unless somebody else would like to continue with this event. Or maybe you would like to start a new event of your own... Anyway, Elon will be off island for quite some time and I've decided that in the absence of her physical presence & support that I'm taking a break.

Why become active in a BDSM/Fetish/Kink community?

As a community, we are able to pool our resources and knowledge and experience things that we are unable to as individuals. Occasionally, MauiBDSM arranges for world renowned educators in the BDSM community to travel to teach classes on Maui, something some of us would only be able to attend by traveling to the Mainland. There is also the added pleasure of being a part of a group or Ohana that we can relax and be ourselves knowing that most believe in "my kink is okay, your kink is okay"

It's a comfort to be able to talk with someone about the things we do without watching them run for the doors, so to speak, and know that they support us as part of the ohana. In a group, there are safety nets in place. There is an overall safety of being around others in public play, knowing that playing with someone in private, you have to depend on your instincts entirely to know whether the other person is an honest to goodness fellow kinkster or something all together darker. Leaders within the communities take the time to personally meet and get to know each member so that they can feel well knowing that everyone is safe, will play by the rules of the community and public play spaces and treat each other with the respect and understanding we all deserve.

Contact Info

These are the official email addresses you can use to contact various people about various things. - For general info about the community, website, or events - For info about specific events. Please be clear about which event you're emailing about. If you're asking whether there will be any events between two dates, use the questions address above.

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